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Year 2021 (Volume: 28)
Issue 124
Pages 248-288
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1 The Machine Method for Processing Chicken Feathers by Splitting them into Fibers and Rachis

Authors : Nazim PAŞAYEV, Onur TEKOĞLU, Süreyya KOCATEPE, Müslüm EROL, Nesli MARAŞ
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2 The Effect Of The Use Of Compatibilizer And Chemical Composition On The Contact
Angle And Surface Free Energy Properties Of Polypropylene/Thermoplastic
Polyurethane Blends

Authors : Lemiye Atabek SAVAŞ
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3 Implementation of Six Sigma in the DMAIC Approach for Quality Improvement in the
Knitting Socks Industry

Authors : Hibarkah KURNIA, Choesnul JAQIN, Humiras Hardi PURBA, Indra SETIAWAN
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4 Investigation of Noise Exposure in Carpet Factories

Authors : Züleyha DEĞIRMENCI, M. İlker BOZKURT
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