Year 2020 (Volume:27)
Issue 117
Pages 2-53
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1 An Investigation of the Effect of Delivery Speed and Nozzle Air Pressure on
Viscose Yarn Properties in Vortex Spinning

Authors : Volkan YALI, Resul AKDOĞANÖZÜ, Yunus Emre KALAYCI, Fatma GÖKTEPE
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2 A Woven Fabric Design Program Offering Physical Design Analysis for Dobby Fabrics

Authors : Server Tuba KESKİN, R. Befru BÜYÜKBAYRAKTAR
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3 Flammability and Thermal Degradation Behaviour of Wool/Polyamide 6.6 Blends

Authors : Elif KAYNAK, Mustafa Erdem ÜREYEN, Ali Savaş KOPARAL
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4 Analyzing the Current Situation of Denizli Home Textile Sector

Authors : Senem PAK, Turan ATILGAN, Seher KANAT
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5 Comparison of Effects of Several Oxygen Containing Low Frequency Plasmas on the Removal of Silk Sericin Layer of Raw Silk Fabrics

Authors : Bengi KUTLU
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6 Evaluation of Concentrated Softener Performance in Textile Materials Prepared for
Preventing Smell of Sweat Using Aromahygiene Technology

Authors : Ceyda HEMEN, Özgür POLAT, Cansu YILDIZ, Orkan AKKOYUN
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