Year 2017 (Volume:24)
Issue 108
Pages 222-320
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1 Investigating the Effect of Alkali Modification on Morphological and Chemical Structures of Vegetable Fibers Utilizable in Composite Material Production
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410801

Authors : Yasemin SEKİ, Figen SELLİ, Korhan ŞEN, Ümit Halis ERDOĞAN
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2 A Research on Tensile Properties of Nonwoven Fabrics Produced from Staple Polyester and Sheath/Core Low Melting Staple Polyester Binder Fibres with Carding, Needle Punching and Pressing Machines
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410802

Authors : Mustafa Sabri ÖZEN
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3 Coating of Graphene on the Spunbond Non-Woven Textile Surface Via Electrospinning Method in Nano Size and its Characterization .
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410803

Authors : M. Hakkı ALMA, Mustafa YAZICI, Behzat YILDIRIM, Tufan SALAN, İsmail TİYEK
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4 Effects of Weft Count and Weft Density on Yarn Crimp% of Unbleached And Bleached 3/1(S) Twill Woven Fabrics
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410804

Authors : Deniz Mutlu ALA, Gamze Gülşen BAKICI
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5 Prediction of Air Permeability of Single Jersey Cotton Fabrics Related to Pressure Difference
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410805

Authors : Nida OĞLAKCIOĞLU, Ahmet ÇAY, Burak SARI
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6 Influence of Knit and Miss Stitches on Air and Water Vapour Permeability of Flat Knitted Rib Fabrics
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410806

Authors : Palanisamy KANAKARAJ, Rajagopalan RAMACHANDRAN
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7 Improvement of the Fastness Properties of Garment Leathers with TiO2/SiO2/GLYMO Based Nanocomposite Solution and Lacquer Coating
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410807

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8 Energy and Exergy Analysis of Stenter Exhaust Air Heat Recovery System for Heat-Setting Processes
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410808

Authors : Ahmet ÇAY, Seniha MORSUNBUL, E. Perrin Akçakoca KUMBASAR
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9 Determination of Sailors’ Requirements for a Functional Sailing Garment Design
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410809

Authors : Şükran KARA, Sevil YEŞİLPINAR
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10 Smart Fabric Sensor for Electronic Textile
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410810

Authors : Ayşe Didem EROL, Suat ÇETİNER
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