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Year 2017 (Volume:24)
Issue 106
Pages 54-135
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1 A Study on the Dyeing Characteristic of Wool Fabric with American Ivy (Parthenocissus Quinquefolia L.)
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410601

Authors : Hüseyin BENLİ
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2 Coloration of Wool Fabrics with Various Plantal Sources
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410602

Authors : Fazlıhan YILMAZ, M. İbrahim BAHTİYARİ
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3 The Combination of Atmospheric Plasma and Chemical Treatments for Antibacterial Finish on Cotton
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410603

Authors : Ebru BOZACI, Buket ARIK, Aslı DEMİR, Esen ÖZDOĞAN, Tülay GÜLÜMSER, Necdet SEVENTEKİN
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4 The Effects of Fabrics Width, Fabric and Model Type on the Cost of Second Quality in Terms of Apparel
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410604

Authors : Hilal BİLGİÇ, Pınar DURU BAYKAL
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5 Investigation of Dimensional Parameters of Single Jersey Fabrics and Prediction of Dimensional Variation
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410605

Authors : Serin MEZARCIÖZ, R.Tuğrul OĞULATA
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6 Numerical Investigation of Thermal Regulation Inside Firefighter Protective Clothing
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410606

Authors : Ersin ALPTEKIN, Mehmet Akif EZAN, Berkant Murat GÜL, Hüseyin KURT, Atıf Canbek EZAN
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7 An Investigation of Clothing Purchase Behaviours of Digital Consumers
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410607

Authors : Saniye TAYDAŞ, Esen ÇORUH
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8 A New Approach for the Prevention of Surgical Adhesion: Nanofibrous Surgical Adhesion Barriers
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410608

Authors : Şerife ŞAFAK, Esra KARACA, R. Gözde ÖZALP
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9 Literature Investigation on Electromagnetic Shielding, Sound and Thermal Insulation Performances of Surfaces Generated from Textile Wastes
DOI: 10.7216/1300759920172410609

Authors : Erkan Türkmen DÖNMEZ, Erkan TÜRKER
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